Free SLLA Quiz

Welcome to your Free SLLA Practice Test Questions

1. What does research show about school leaders distributing leadership responsibilities for implementing a school vision and goals?

2. Which of the following is the MOST effective strategy for a principal to communicate the school vision to school personnel?

3. A principal has assembled a school vision oversight team and provided them with a variety of school data for background knowledge. The team is ready to engage school staff in developing a new school vision. Faculty members review the current vision statement, examples of others’ vision statements, and school data. The team divides staff into groups with discussion questions; for example, “What kind of school do we aspire to be?” What other question would apply?

4. Among standards informing effective professional development (PD) for teachers, which is/are most characteristic of strong school leaders?

5. What best reflects research findings about factors influencing school achievement gaps?

6. After several years of declining test scores, the new principal of Johnson High School has been directed to begin a comprehensive restructuring process for the school. The principal has met with the School Improvement Committee to revise the vision and mission statements and develop goals and objectives for a three year plan towards school improvement. Which of the following would be the most effective strategy for the collection of data to use for the development of academic goals and objectives? 

7. A significant part of the restructuring plan will be the assignment of new teachers and the reassignment of returning teachers within academic departments. Which of the following would be the best procedure for assignment during this change process? 

8. After collecting the data for the development of the goals, the School Improvement Committee found it needed a process to analyze the data. Which of the following is the most efficient strategy to analyze the data and prepare a report? 

9. Coach Maria Martinez has been recently selected as the county’s new Athletic Director. She is the first female to hold the position in a county that is dominated by several prolific male coaches who have won numerous state championships.  The summer coaches’ clinic and banquet will be held at Martin High school and hosted by Jim Smith; the school’s principal and himself a former championship football coach.  Martinez will be the keynote speaker for the event, but at the beginning of the meeting; she is met by uncooperative chatter and behavior by these coaches who have outwardly expressed that a “woman cannot do this man’s job”. In addition; they are upset that one of their male coaching colleagues was not selected for the position. Which of the following would be the best course of action for the hosting principal?

10. The superintendent has directed the principal of Carver High School to form a committee to investigate the allegations of bias and unfair practices in the selection of students for scholarships, class rank, and other student awards.  In addition, this committee will make recommendations for improving these practices so that they are fair, transparent, and void of racism and other forms of discrimination.  After collecting the data, the principal has uncovered that several current and past faculty members did actually change grades and misrepresent the results of elections.  The principal is faced with the choice of selecting which information/data can be released to the committee which is made up of parents, teachers, staff, and students. Which of the following is the best option for the principal to take?

11. Samuel Longfellow, a sophomore student, has been brought to the office for fighting for the second time in a month.  Samuel is an openly gay student who complains that other students pick on him by calling offensive and hurtful names. His reaction to their insults and taunting is often a verbal and/or physical confrontation that leads to him getting the worst of the fight.  His mother has complained to the assistant principal that her child is being harassed, but each time Samuel has actually thrown the first punch according to witness accounts. She takes her complaints to the principal and asks what he will do about the intolerant atmosphere of the school.  Which of the following is the best option for the principal to take?

12. At a recent School Board meeting; a group of Latino parents have made a statement that the middle school that their children attend does not respect their culture.  The parents stated that their children cannot participate in a significant number of activities and even some sports because of their limited ability to speak and understand English. The Superintendent has directed the principal to meet with the parents and report back to him on how he resolved the situation. Which of the following is the best option for the principal to take prior to reporting back to the Superintendent?

13. At Ben Franklin Elementary, the grade-level teams were finding it difficult to plan together. Professional collaboration was one of the goals for the school. The teachers have come to you to ask for help with the scheduling to make this happen. What will be the key to leading them in reaching this goal?

14. The standing rule for creating new clubs at Goforth Middle School is that any student club must:
1)         Have by-laws that address rules for membership
2)         Must honor and respect diversity and not show bias (Title IX), and
3)         Must have at least two teacher sponsors.
The principal received the following club requests:
1. Guitar & Waffles Club, for students who like to play acoustic guitars and eat toasted waffles.
2. The Gender Bender Club, for LGBTQIA students.
The Guitar & Waffles Club turned in a copy of their by-laws, agreed to avoid discriminating against anyone, and has one teacher sponsor. The Gender Bender club has no by-laws, agreed to non-discrimination, and has two teacher sponsors.
The principal has the final say on club approval. What should she do?

15. The middle school principal has found a disturbing social media post from one of his teachers. In the post, she called middle school students derogatory names and made negative statements. When called out on her behavior for being so hateful, she wrote, “I hate everyone equally.” Many people jumped into the discussion, calling the teacher a bigot, a racist, and someone who is unfit to teach students.

What steps should the principal take?

16. An elementary school that teaches grades PK-5 is preparing its students for taking their standardized assessments in the spring. The teachers have worked diligently throughout the year, and most students have shown remarkable progress from where they were at the beginning of the year. The school principal has recognized that time is short. She has developed a new mission to encourage teachers to do everything they can to helps their students. The high-stakes test will be administered in four weeks, and only the students in grades 3-5 will be tested. In preparation, the teachers have analyzed student data and regrouped students according to areas of need. Every instructional moment is being used to its fullest. Teachers offer tutoring before and after school, and they have begun Saturday sessions. Which of the following statements most closely aligns to the sense of urgency the principal created and could be used schoolwide?

17. A local elementary school has been consistently providing a high-quality education for its students. The school currently is performing in the top 20% of all schools in the state, and all subgroups are almost in the top 40% of schools across the state. The principal has decided that the school is ready to apply for blue ribbon status, which requires the school to be in the top 15% of schools statewide and all subgroups in the top 40%. To get the school Blue Ribbon ready, what steps should the principal take?

18. One of the teachers at an elementary campus has been teaching at that school for 29 years. She has made it clear to everyone, including her students that next year will be her last year teaching because she intends to retire. The principal has been working with the faculty on trying new teaching methods that require cooperation and collaboration between the teachers. The less experienced teachers like working with the more experienced teachers. The veteran of 29 years refuses to work with anyone. She repeatedly says, “I’ve taught the same way with the same lessons for 29 years. I’m not changing now." 

What should the principal do?

19. An elementary school principal implemented a new initiative that required teachers to analyze student achievement data. The teachers worked in teams to look deeply at student responses to questions, and they formulated “hot spot” plans to target weaknesses and build strengths. Then the teachers developed an instructional plan and implemented it. When the results came back, student growth had increased by 23%. The principal and the faculty were excited with the students’ results. They celebrated and planned to do the same thing next school year.

20. For the last eight years, Skinner Elementary had one mission: We the faculty at Skinner Elementary teach all children to learn at our school. Since the mission statement was written, the student enrollment changed, and it became more ethnically and racially diverse. As a result, the teachers and school administrators worked with the newer community members to better understand their needs and the needs of their children. The parents wanted to be partners in their children’s education. They wanted to know how they could help teachers educate the students at Skinner Elementary. The outreach efforts between school and community changed the way Skinner Elementary worked. Suddenly, the mission statement seemed out of place.

What should the principal do about the mission statement?