Free SLLA Practice Test Questions

SLLA Review Questions fromĀ SLLA Crash Course (2017)
by Wafa Hozien, Ph.D.

Note: Answers to questions are at the end of the page.

SLLA Pointers

Question 1: Student Learning

Ms. Weiss, the new principal of Timberlane Middle School, reviews the results of several batteries of standardized tests. She finds a wide discrepancy in the achievement levels of different student groups in the school. She decides to investigate further by interviewing students, parents and teachers and evaluating the school climate. To get an understanding of learning at Timberlane, Ms. Weiss observes students in a variety of school settings.

The clearest indication that the needs of all students are not being met would be the observation that particular groups of students:

A. are socializing primarily with peers from their cultural background.
B. sometimes require modifications or support as part of their instructional plans.
C. are adopting behaviors of schoolmates from other cultural groups.
D. exhibit lack of confidence and motivation regarding schoolwork.

Question 2: Teacher Communication

Ms. Weiss suggests that all students would have a better chance to succeed if teachers developed effective communication with the studentsā€™ families. The teachers agree, but they point out that some families seem reluctant to talk to them.

Which of the following steps should Ms. Weiss suggest that teachers try first to facilitate communication with these families?

A. Telephoning each family to ask how the teacher can help make school/home communication more comfortable for them
B. Drafting a letter to distribute to all families explaining the importance of frequent interaction and communication between teachers and families
C. Examining their own interactions with families to determine whether they as teachers have been sensitive to cultural and language differences
D. Asking school counselors to meet with students from various cultural backgrounds to discover better ways to approach the studentsā€™ families

Question 3: IEP in the Making

During the course of the school year, a student with severe learning disabilities joined a regular second grade classroom. The teacher received a copy of the students IEP. After an observation was done the principal notes that some of the IEP provisions were not being adhered to.

What should be the principalā€™s initial step to help the teacher understand his responsibility for following the IEP?

A. Talk with the teacher to communicate the concerns raised by the observation and to offer resources for support.
B. Give a copy of the federal law explaining the teacherā€™s requirement for providing an inclusive education.
C. Discuss with the teacher and the IEP team to review the studentā€™s IEP again.
D. Meet with the IEP team to determine a new placement for the student.

Question 4: Allocation of Funds

Randolph High school was allocated district-based funds to support its efforts to improve student achievement. Student achievement in math and science has declined significantly over the past two years and the School Improvement Team has been charged with recommending options to the principal on how to best utilize the funds. Teachers have complained that past remediation funds were not utilized correctly and students suffered due to the inequity.

Which of the following options would best insure that those students who need the most assistance can take advantage of the remedial instruction funds allocated?

A) Evenly allocate remediation funds by grade levels and ask the grade-level teams to develop a plan for using the funds to improve student achievement.
B) Allocate the bulk of the funds to the 9th and 10th grade level teams as these grades normally have the most low-performing students. C) Allocate the bulk of the funds to the upper class grade levels (11th & 12th) to insure that more students are graduating and results from its use can be proven.
D) Allocate the funds to subject area(s) based upon an examination of data which identifies which have the most need and will benefit the students the most.
E) Allow individual teachers to request the funds thru an application process that will allocate the funds based upon the best applications.

Question 5: Leadership Style

The new Principal of Mitchell Middle School completed a comprehensive Needs Assessment for the school and was ready to share the results with the School Improvement Team (SIP). One of the areas that were identified for improvement was the development and implementation of policies and procedures. The faculty and staff commented that while all were aware of these policies; lax enforcement and clarity often led to uneven distribution of work and seldom were any consequences for those following the policies. Recognizing this as vital to the success of the school, the team called upon the principal to develop a plan.

Which of the following options best exhibits a leadership style that will insure accountability and effectiveness?

Ā A) The principal should institute an incentive program for faculty and staff who come to work on time each day and do not take more than three sick days per year.
B) The principal should begin a formative evaluation program that offers stiff penalties and consequences for faculty and staff who do not adhere to policies.
C) The principal should ask the School Improvement Team for recommendations on how policies and procedures can best be developed, implemented and evaluated.
D) The principal should begin a comprehensive evaluation program that will offer incentives and consequences to insure teachers are adhering to all of the policies.

Question 6: Passing the Test

The principal of April Middle School was just received notice from the School Board lawyer that federal law mandates that students who fail to pass the state standardized end of course tests in Math and Reading in the 8th grade will not be allowed to enter the 9th grade even if they earned passing final grades in the course. He fully understands that this will cause some confusion and anger among parents as he notes that this requirement will mean that over 40 students must be retained and 85% of them are African-American males.

Which of the following is the best strategy to explain this new law to parents and the community?

A) The principal should talk to the parents on a case by case basis as they come into question the new law and corresponding policy.
B) The principal should send out a automatic call to all parents in the school district to explain the law and its ramifications for their children.
C) The principal should call a meeting of all of the parents and students who are directly affected by the new law and inform them of the specific of the legislation.
D) The principal should use a multi-faceted approach that includes newsletters, websites, conferences as well information sessions to completely discuss and explain the law.
E) The principal should send out a news letter which outlines the new federal and state laws and the responsibility of the school to adhere to the new law.

Question 7: Consideration of Latino Stakeholders

At a community forum to address school reform efforts; the principal has developed a brochure that outlines the major points of the school-wide initiatives. Greenview Middle school has a significant number of Latino students who have limited English Language skills and are low income. The new plan requires that all parents select supplementary services for their children if they are failing. 69% of African American parents returned them, while only 18% of Latino parents have submitted their choice for their childā€™s services. The Brochure was written in English as well as Spanish.

Which of these could most likely be the reason that Latino parents did not respond to the survey?

A) It is possible that some Latino parents may be illiterate and unable to read even in their native language.
B) The Latino student did not want to disappoint their parents by giving them the information and therefore many of the parents did not receive the information.
C) The Latino parents do not believe that their children need the supplementary services as they are not necessary for them to be successful.
D) It is a proven fact that poor and limited language parents do not care about their childā€™s education.

Question 8: The Valedictorian

Two days prior to graduation ceremonies at Kura Senior High, Daniel, the Valedictorian admits in writing to the assistant principal that he cheated on his final senior project. He is remorseful and asked the AP what he should do. The AP he approached has a senior daughter who would directly benefit from his disqualification as she is currently Salutatorian of the class. The state currently offers a full scholarship with stipend to all Valedictorians and a 50% scholarship to Salutatorians to any state university. One day before the ceremony; he approaches the AP again and retracts his story and tells him it was a joke asking him to destroy the letter.

Which of the following options would most closely exhibit a professional code of ethics that a public school administrator should have?

A) The AP should ask the student to admit his mistake to the principal.
B) The AP should immediately suspend Daniel for cheating and notify his parents.
C) The AP should keep quiet about the entire affair as it was a joke.
D) The AP should inform the superintendent that he is suspending the student.
E) The AP should inform the principal of the entire incident and let him act.

Question 9: HIV-Positive Teacher

Sarah Abraham, a chemistry teacher has approached the principal of Loyalty High School and shared with him that she is H.I.V. positive and that she fears that if this information gets out to parents and her follow faculty members ā€“ she will be ostracized and shunned. During a student altercation, Ms. Abraham is injured while trying to break up the fight. Her nose begins to bleed and some of the fluid spills on the floor. The principal is faced with a decision on whether he should let the students and parents know that the teacher is infected.

Which of the following is the best option for him to take?

A. Immediately contact the parents of the students and all other persons who were near the fight and inform them of Ms. Abrahamā€™s status and urge them to get tested.
B. Encourage Ms. Abraham to approach the students and their parents and inform them that she is HIV positive and that they should get tested.
C. Remove Ms. Abraham from duty as she is obviously endangering the lives of her students and her fellow faculty members.
D. Ensure that the area is cleaned and decontaminated ā€“ treat the incident the same as any other that has injuries and bodily fluids spilled on the floor.

Question 10: Modeling Respect

At a recent School Board meeting; a group of Latino parents have made a statement that the high school that their children attend does not respect their culture. The parents stated that their children cannot participate in a significant number of activities and even some sports because of their limited ability to speak and understand English. The Superintendent has directed the principal to meet with the parents and report back to him on how he resolved the situation.

Which of the following is the best option for the principal to take prior to reporting back to the Superintendent?

A. Meet with the Latino parents and inform them that they can come to school and assist their students when they attend the after-school activities if they wanted to
B. Meet with the Latino parents and offer them additional resources that will include ESL classes and inform them they cannot participate until their skills improve
C. Meet with the Latino parents, offer additional resources to help them both learn English and hire a Spanish- speaking teacher to aid them with activities
D. Meet with the Latino parents and inform them that their children should take additional English classes and possibly participate when they can speak English better

Question 11: Trending On Facebook

The teachers have informed the principal of Clifton High school that one of the senior students has developed a Facebook Page that has a negative parody of the school and the assistant principal. The student developed the Facebook Page at home on his own personal laptop and supports its development and existence with his own personal funds. A growing number of students have accessed the Facebook Page and have began to make disparaging remarks about the Facebook Page in the presence of the assistant principal. When the principal saw the Facebook Page, she suspended the student immediately for ten (10) days and has requested expulsion. The parents of the students are very irate and have scheduled an appeals hearing with the principal.

Which of these is the best course of action for the principal during the appeals hearing with the parents of the suspended website developer student?

A) Reinstate the student but forbid him to develop any more Facebook pages either at school or at home without the written permission of school administration.
B) Reinstate the student and inform the parents that the suspension was an infringement on the studentā€™s freedom of speech protected by the US Constitution.
C) Uphold the suspension and inform the parents that students do not have the same level of freedom of speech as adults and because the student was disrespectful the suspension was warranted.
D) Inform the parents that the suspension stands because the student engaged in disruptive behavior and was disrespectful to an administrator.

Question 12: Athletic Testing

The basketball coach of Wayne Valley High school came into the locker room and notified the players who had been randomly selected for drug testing to come to the training room to give a sample to the representative from Lab Services. Lab Services had the contract with the school district to complete drug testing for employees, student-athletes, and other personnel. Eight players were selected and all eight submitted a sample but results came back for everyone except Athlete #16. The student was told by the coach to submit another sample but the student refused to offer the second sample saying that it violated his rights. The coach informed the student that he was therefore suspended from the team and may face a year-long suspension from athletics for non- compliance. The parents of the student protested and appealed to the principal and School Board.

Which of the following options would best adhere to the policy and protect the studentā€™s rights?

A) Allow the student to participate without giving a urine sample and verifying that he is drug-free. He should not be punished for their error.
B) Suspend him immediately as his refusal to give a sample is proof that his is abusing drugs.
C) Allow the student to give a urine sample to his own doctor so that it will be more carefully monitored and the results will be sent to the school
D) Instruct the student to give the urine sample as directed or face the penalty. His giving another sample does not violate the policy.

Question 13: The Bully

An irate parent stood up at the Grant Lee School Parent Teacher Association meeting and told the principal that her daughter has been bullied so much by some of her classmates that she refuses to come to school. Soon several other parents spoke about some of the same challenges they have to get their children to school because they fear for their safety. They immediately asked the principal what she would do to end the offensive behavior that was harming so many students. The principal immediately organized a committee to develop strategies to combat bullying in their school.

The committee found that effective programs include all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Increase supervision.
B) Begin when children are young.
C) Teach inclusion.
D) Teach children to take a stand by fighting back if accosted

Question 14: Vision Matters

After several years of declining test scores, the new principal of Emerging High School has been directed to begin a comprehensive restructuring process for the school. The principal has met with the Improvement Committee to revise the vision and mission statements and develop goals and objectives for a three year plan towards school improvement.

Which of the following would be the most effective strategy for the collection of data to use for the development of academic goals and objectives?

A) Ask the previous principal and administrative team to prepare a presentation that will highlight the areas that need the most improvement with accompanying data
B) Interview subject area teachers from each department and use this qualitative data to develop academic goals and objectives
C) Examine and utilize state and federal academic report cards which include quantitative data from the schools past three years
D) Start fresh by using the current goals and objectives for one year then developing new goals and objectives for the next year based upon that data
E) Collect both qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources utilizing members of the committee

Answer Key

Question 1: D is the answer.

Question 2: C is the answer.

Question 3: A is the answer. This question focuses on how a school leader can help teachers understand their legal responsibilities under IDEA. It is the responsibility of the principal to clarify the teachers obligations, hear concerns offer solutions and informed compliance.

Question 4: D is the answer. All decisions need to be data driven and while other options offer more equal distribution.

Question 5: C is the answer. The SIP should offer recommendations to improve the policies and procedures as that offers input from all stakeholders and allows feedback for these proposals in addition to building consensus.

Question 6: D is the answer. It is important that not only do the current students understand the new law but also that all students that it might affect have the information. The principal must allow for opportunities to discuss the current plight of those affected students in conferences and calls. The more information that is disseminated multiple ways significantly increases knowledge and decreases confusion and misinformation.

Question 7: A is the answer. Recent research has shown that a significant number of Latino adults who immigrate to this nation are also barely literate in their native language.

Question 8: E is the answer. The Assistant Principal should immediately inform the principal of the entire incident and allow the principal to take the lead in the incident.

Question 9: D is the answer. Principals must protect confidential information about students as well as employees. The district and state has polices that protect medical record confidentiality

Question 10:Ā  Ensuring that these students have both the educational resources to be successful in and outside of the classroom will improve their experience as well a enrich the culture of the school.

Question 11: C is the best strategy. (B and D are both unacceptable and A is a violation of student rights.)

Question 12: D is the best answer. In Vernonia School District v. Acton (1995) The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the school district on random drug testing of student athletes.

Question 13: D is not acceptable. Therefore D is the best answer.

Question 14:Ā  E is the answer.

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